Another Tryst with the Blue Throat

Blue Throat hiding in the bushes

A Blue Throat in the Bush

It is not difficult to spot the Blue Throat near the Ganda Nala (open drainage) but it is certainly a game of patience to wait for it to come out in the open, relatively speaking.

Blue Throat in Bushes

A Better View?

After 45 minutes of sitting patiently this is what I got. If I do not get to see the bird from an angle where the neck is exposed it is only because of the movements its presence can be sensed. Otherwise its brown color blends just well with the surroundings.

Blue Throat Bird

An Hour and Fifteen Minutes for this Clear View

And then after an hour and fifteen minutes it decided to give me a better view by coming out relatively in the open. But then ain’t it pretty?

7 thoughts on “Another Tryst with the Blue Throat”

  1. It had Abhilash! I still managed.

    Thanks Siddhartha.

    Yes Tarun I am trying hard!

    Celine and yet so little to show for it!

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