Lazy Sunday Photo- A Black Redstart Bird

By Mridula Dwivedi January 2, 2011 11 Comments
Black Redstart Bird, Gurgaon, India
A Black Redstart

I have posted a Black Redstart before but that was just the excitement of spotting a bird for the first time. But yesterday I managed to get better pictures at the same spot where I had found the Black Redstart a few weeks earlier.

Black Redstart Bird, Gurgaon, India
Beautiful from any Angle, Black Redstart
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11 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Photo- A Black Redstart Bird”

  1. mridula..i was standing in the balcony and saw some birrds..hey come on, feathered birds ya..haha..and first thing i remembered u…real good clicks ya…btw, Wishing the best of 2011 for u n yr near ones too..cheers friend

  2. Thanks Meena.

    Ramesh, thanks and my best wishes to you and your family for a super 2011.

    Fida, thank you I agree background becomes quite important, as it is evident even more in my next post.

    Thanks SM.

    Atul thanks for the link, I visited but will go again and take a leisurely look.

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