Sota Hua Sher

A Sleeping Lion at Gir

A Sleeping Lion at Gir, the Skoda Yeti ROWE

It is only after you get to see a sleeping lion you realize why they say ‘sote hue sher ko jagate nahin hain!’ (one should not mess up with a sleeping lion). Spotted this at Gir via the Skoda Yeti ROWE trip.

Came back just today, loads of stories. But too tired today, I too need to catch up on sleep.

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11 thoughts on “Sota Hua Sher”

  1. wow..almost unbelievable; to be able to get so close to Him. wow…amazing. that’s an awesome picture mridula. seems like you clicked it from the ground. you did? big time zoom haan.. :-]

  2. those wondering if it was taken by going so close, it not her but must be her camera zoom that went closer. right Mridula ?

    anyway nice capture. and seeing these animals in their natural surrounding must be wonderful.

  3. Did that Chitra much more awake now!

    Tarun very true!

    Fida, you are right absolutely right!

    Jagdeep I did with a 70-300mm zoom not that big after all.

    Dehradun but so many tourists do this!

    Nilesh so good to see a comment from you. Yes I was at a safe distance, it is the camera zoom and what all tourists get to do. It was amazing to see the lions in their natural surroundings and this was my first big cat sightings.

  4. Finally saw your ‘sota hua sher’… am just catching up on all your posts, and was waiting for the first look…

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