Lazy Sunday Photo- Peacock Murals in Jaipur

By Mridula Dwivedi November 28, 2010 9 Comments
Peacock Designs on a Jewellery Shop
A Royal Look!

I was walking in search for a late lunch on the MI (Mirza Ismail) Road in Jaipur in October when I noticed this rich design on a structure. I was wondering what it could be.

Peacock mural on a jewels emporium
It was a Jewels Emporium!

When I looked at it a little more closely I realized it was a jewellery shop! When i clicked the pictures the security guard outside gave Β me a few nasty looks but nothing to seriously deter me!

Peacock mural Jaipur Rajasthan
Grand Birds

No I didn’t enter the shop, though I am sure if I did there would have been many more photo opportunities. There is some thing about Jaipur and Jewel Shops, MI Road is full of them and Jaipur is full of them.

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9 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Photo- Peacock Murals in Jaipur”

  1. Fantastic! What a lovely design. I would like to see inside the shop too… I’m afraid I’m getting too lazy to post anything, or rather am too busy rushing around but at least I can check out yours from time to time.

  2. Thanks Anu, the shop indeed was eye catching.

    Thanks Ramesh, I do not know what else to call them! πŸ˜€

    Fida no idea πŸ™

    Qaminante good to see you here once again but do post something, just a picture.

  3. That first picture is really cool. What is the resolution? It would be great blown up, to make into large photo murals or poster size. It would make a much better poster than I have seen for sale at most places.

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