An Empty Indian Railway Carriage

By Mridula Dwivedi November 19, 2010 7 Comments


Chhavi and I had Fun Exploring an Empty Guard’s Coach

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7 thoughts on “An Empty Indian Railway Carriage”

  1. Fascinating indeed! the kind of things we do with our kids….. sometimes i feel i am more of a kid than samhith is! and chhavi seems quite curious too… wonder what it would be like to ride one of those!

  2. Tarun you are scaring me! 😀

    Shrinidhi I tired my hand at it and it moved a little but beyond that no idea what it is.

    Anu I do not fancy it in the cold weather and it was quite bare!

    Yes Celine, there is hardly a time when she is in any other mood 😀

    Sandeep it was lying in an empty space, no one around for miles, yes Chhavi had a good time.

    I agree Fida, it would be fun if it was kept in a nice spot. Yes Chhavi talks a lot too now.

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