Rainbow and the Roads

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Rainbow and the gurgaon roads

The Rainbow and the Roads

I could sense a rainbow today. There was rain and there was sunshine together. Even without looking outside I changed the zoom lens to the wide angle. Then I ran to the various balconies to see if I could spot a rainbow. But I could not. So I grabbed the umbrella and started walking out. And there it was, along with the bad pot hole filled and water logged roads.

Bad Gurgaon Roads and the rainbow

Bad Gurgaon Roads and the Rainbow

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19 thoughts on “Rainbow and the Roads

  1. Sanand

    Rainbow looks gr8 in the pic. Not seen much of it at all though I belong to a state where it rains nearly throughout the year. It’s interesting to see how well you’ve captured it on your blog.

    1. Mridula Post author

      Sanand as I have said again and again, I simply love rainbows, so at every opportunity I click pictures.

  2. Mridula Post author

    Yes Doli I absolutely love rainbows.

    Lakshmi the caption didn’t take much effort, it is a daily reality! Hope you too got a rainbow?

    Anu I almost always carry the camera with me! I bought a bigger handbag so I could always have my SLR with me.

    Nilesh yes it was about 5.00 but how did you know? Were you in Gurgaon?

    Chitra I know the weather when to go looking for them 😀

    Fida I do the same, I love watching rainbows.

    Tarun but the traffic got me today, reached home after four and a half hours! 😀


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