The Litchi Boy!

Litchi Lychee Fruit, India

The Litchi Boy!

Truth be told, I saw this heap of Litchi on my way back from work in the evening. It is a 31km long commute on the Indian roads. Those of you who live here, you know what I am talking about. Those of you who don’t you have to see it to believe it!

And yet, I liked the heap so much that I decided that I am going to park my car and go and buy some, so that I can click a few pictures. Now I have to say I quite dislike attracting attention to myself, so I try to click my pictures quickly. So, I asked for the price of the Litchi even though it was immaterial, I quite soon started taking pictures.  I only gave half an eye to the kind of Litchis he was putting on the weighing scale.

And as soon as I clicking pictures this small child peeped out from his hiding place, I wonder if the seller was his elder brother. I just loved the way he is looking curiously and I quickly took the picture.

And about that drawing attention part, a few weeks back I was clicking pictures of birds with my SLR around a small lake in Bangalore. That lake is adjacent to a residential area where we stay with family. I was quite engrossed in clicking for a few minutes thinking I am all alone. When I turned back someone was patiently waiting and asked me, “Are you with a TV crew.” Now that is what I mean when I say I do not like drawing attention to myself.

12 thoughts on “The Litchi Boy!”

  1. oh dearest.
    How are u?I met many of them in Brazil when I traveled in november-december
    nice day

  2. And that fears the crap outta me..the drawing attention stuff..means u can be excused but I can be arrested 🙂

    Hopefully the guy was not selling litchi as a profession

  3. Couldn’t you have just zoomed in and captured the fruit? 😛
    Sorry, I don’t understand the intricacies of the trade. I maybe wrong 😀

  4. Seems you don’t take permission from people who you click … but are quick to condemn those who pick your pics. It’s a small world…

  5. Tarun never thought about it in that way, that I can be excused and you could be arrested!

    Thank you Grace.

    Amritabh looks like you have been following my blog for quite some itme. You may like to read this-

    I can photograph people if they appear in public places. I take that as a common guideline. Also if you know of the Indian laws on the same please share a link.

    Sangfroid, I was just taking the litchi, the kid peeped in on his own!

    Chitra, would you get them at this time?

    • Jagdeep is that so? 😀

      Doli, then have some 😀

      Sm do go ahead 😀

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