Skywatch Friday- The Komik Monastery and the Sky

Komik Monastery, Spiti, India

The Sky at Komik Monastery, Spiti, India

This is a picture taken in 2007 at Komik, Spiti. Looking at the Spiti skies, I need to go there once again. For more pictures of the sky from around the world, please visit the Skywatch page.

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14 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday- The Komik Monastery and the Sky”

  1. lovely sky shot Mridula,

    I shot in RAW and jpeg, the golden sunset is in jpeg, being in jpeg I edit less, it seems I cannot stop tinkering with the photo when its in RAW.

  2. The angle at which the foto is shot gives it a third dimension. Something which makes this extraordinary work!!

  3. These Gompas have a special place in my heart. I too feel the need to go back to HP, Ladakh and also to the rest of J&K.

  4. the place looks so interesting…. i can see that you would like to go again…the list of places i want to, seems to just get longer and longer////

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