My World Tuesday- Soft Toys on the Pavement of Bangalore

Soft Toys
Soft Toys

I was in Bangalore for a week (also known as the IT hub of India) and went to the local market called Jayanagar. Pavements of such markets are full of vendors selling their stuff. This heap of soft toys were also there.

Soft Toys Road Side Bangalore
Along with the Bikes!

I changed the angle of the camera to get the motorbikes surrounding the soft toys. They do seem to be a bit incongruous.

Young boy selling soft toys
The Seller of the Toys

Finally, this was the young seller of the toys, he was with his family and told us it is because of the summer vacations he is helping his family to sell the toys, otherwise he goes to school.

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7 thoughts on “My World Tuesday- Soft Toys on the Pavement of Bangalore”

  1. Glad you got your post up, Mridula! And a very interesting one it is. The boy looks so serious, I would love to see him smile. Terrific captures! Have a wonderful week! Enjoy!



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