I Want a Break!

By Mridula Dwivedi June 29, 2010 9 Comments
Surathkal Beach, Karnataka
Surathkal Beach, Karnataka

Sesha is at the moment trekking in Himachal! It was only fair as I had been to Lancaster in November (2009), Jim Corbett in Januray and Bhimtal in February while he did the baby sitting duty. All three of us went to Bangalore in May. But now it is just a month to the start of the next semester. And I realize that I need to go somewhere, even if not as far as Surathkal.

One possibility is to leave Sesha to baby sitting when he comes back and I can go with Brat 1 and 2 (my nephews). Then a little later Sesha, Chhavi and I can go to someplace nearby. After all the sooner Chhavi gets used to traveling the better for everyone. Next year I am going to plan it better and trek via YAHI alone. This year it didn’t occur to me and I am repenting it like anything.

And I am a bit easy now that I have seen that Chhavi does not throw a fuss when one of go missing for a few days.

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9 thoughts on “I Want a Break!”

  1. Start taking Chhavi out more often on trips with you… believe me, it really helps… these days, i feel samhith is most manageable…. translate that to ‘happiest’ when we are travelling… while it does become a problem at times when we cant really just go off on a trip, it is what i want him to be…. so it works out fine…. and she will really enjoy it..

  2. Appu, thank you.

    Anu thanks for the advise will try to do that.

    Fida, I get so restless and I found some courage as my husband went this time and my daughter is still quite OK.

    Doli, so are you going to take one?

  3. Ive seen a lot of people travelling with kids these days..someone even brought a 11 month old baby, tho am not sure thats advisable..but if its not a tough trek, im sure your daughter will enjoy it as well

  4. i want a holiday badly too!!!
    went to bali in january and after that, been sitting in delhi, though have been going around town lots, its not the same thing!!…
    can get you totally!!

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