Skywatch Friday- The Sky at Dhankar, Spiti

Sky at Dhankar, Spiti

Sky at Dhankar, Spiti

This was the sky at the beautiful Dhankar in the Spiti region of India. Now that I have not been traveling for a few months, I keep falling back on my Spiti pictures. If I end up visiting Spiti again, I will point my camera a lot more towards the sky than I did in 2007.

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13 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday- The Sky at Dhankar, Spiti

  1. Tarun

    You should better do it because these are really beautiful pictures.

    And I like to adore them on my desktop only (hope you don;t mind)

  2. Sanjeev Nanda

    haa ah, Beautiful!! is this pic natural or was it photoshopped before posting, coz if it isn’t enhanced then its one of the most beautiful pics ive seen in recent times.

  3. Chitra

    While young we used to lie down on the terrace and watch the floating clouds and identify different shapes like horse, tree, flowers etc. The clouds in the pic. reminded me of one of the shapes. Nostalgia………your post is giving me that.

  4. Anu

    what contrasts between the sky, the mountains and the clouds!!! love it! one of my friends is going to spiti soon… should tell her to take many many more pics like u….


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