More from the Road But Unfortunately the Commuting Road!

Truck Art India
A New one for Me!

I clicked this picture for the words in white on the green strip. I have not seen these on a truck before, “No Whisky, No War, Only Payar” (payar means love in Hindi and Whiskey is what they mean). How is that for a truckers philosophy?

Over crowded vehicle, Gurgaon, India
Now that is a Little Scary

If you look closely you would notice that the door of the vehicle from which the two people are projecting out is also open. It is only a little scary to watch because I see it every day. But not that frequently on the Gurgaon-Delhi expressway.

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6 thoughts on “More from the Road But Unfortunately the Commuting Road!”

  1. Too funny the first, and scary the second one…but I love the license plate you crafted for white Jeep (or what ever it is).

    Btw, tks for the visit. So glad you found me at my new place 🙂

  2. truckers philosophy is just great! just wish people would follow it……

    and that vehicle reminds me of the Tata Magic ad.. have u seen it???


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