Lazy Sunday Photo- The Wrong Players!

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Manchester United Stadium Tour

The Wrong Players!

This was obviously clicked at the Manchester United Stadium. I was there in May 2009. It was good fun to come out of the tunnel to the main stadium and then take a seat where players and the managers sit. Before coming out we saw the board where the managers stand and talk after a match. It is really small, but it doesn’t look like that on the TV! Also our tour guide was acting like a referee before we came out of the tunnel and he was so grim that anyone would feel scared of crossing his path!

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3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Photo- The Wrong Players!

  1. Mridula Post author

    Ramesh, I have written about ManU before so possible that you recollected some overlap.

    Tarun 😀 What a scenario!

  2. Tarun

    The Scoreboard Read 95-0.
    Next Day’s Headlines in The Guardian “Man-U Decimated: Angry Fans Tore The Stadium Down” “No News of Players” 😛


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