Lazy Sunday Photo- Radcliffe Square, Oxford, UK

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Beautiful Radcliffe Square, Oxford, UK

Radcliffe Square, Oxford

Have been flipping though my UK pictures and thought I have to post the Radcliffe Square in Oxford again, it is so beautiful. I had taken this one by climbing on the tower of the St. Mary’s┬áChurch.

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4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Photo- Radcliffe Square, Oxford, UK

  1. Mridula Post author

    Tarun you are most welcome to use it as your wall paper.

    Chitra, good to see you again but no new posts?

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  3. Tarun

    You should have posted it as skywatch, mean loved the details which can only be captured by an SLR.

    A confession, I have saved this pic (with ur copyright tag of course) as my desktop wallpaper. Will not be used for any other use or email forwarding etc.

  4. chitra

    I just took a small break . It may take a while for me to become completely active in the blogosphere. I love being here. See you.


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