Children will be Children!

Sheetla Mata Temple Gurgaon, India

Kids will be Kids

I was a little scared to say that I haave a copyright over Lord Shiva hence I ended up saying ‘photo by.’ Whereas these kids were just not afraid to jump over a narrow ditch to climb right up in the lap of the Lord Shiva.

8 thoughts on “Children will be Children!”

  1. You don’t have copyright for Lord Shiva but yes, for click picture you have I guess. And if not, then kids are also present and elders too.

  2. Why are u afraid, if he is god he wont say a thing to you. God doesn’t mind small things unless u do wrong to other fellow being.

    Sometimes I do wonder reaction of Indian whenever this ‘G’ word is spoken. The sudden urge of piousness, overflowing sanctity and fear of religious contempt, kills even the simple logic. The God of Destruction, the Simplest one would never mind children at his lap. Secondly, it is just a statue, but it is the faith within us which matters. 🙂

  3. Good one, Mridula….. and children are truly the closest to God because they know no fear! It is we who teach them to be afraid of doing things, and they end up like us, and lose their wonderful contact like the divine….
    and even as i write that, i realise that it is so difficult to keep up the innocence of children…. even as i try to keep it intact, i am aware that samhith is slowly losing his, thanks to his friends and the world around… a pity, but thats how it is….

  4. Thank you Hobo for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    Sankara 😀 I agree.

    Tarun my problem is a little different. I am personally quite ambivalent about God, but my fear is that I do not wish to offend people who are the firm believers.

    Anu, I can understand, I am sure after a while Chhavi will also head that way and would not laugh her head off on all our silly pranks!

    Thank you Megha.

    Chitra, I knew you would like it!

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