From ‘Please Mind the Gap’ to ‘Mind the Gap’ on Delhi Metro

By Mridula Dwivedi March 21, 2010 5 Comments


Mind the Gap!

Last weekend we took the metro to go to Noida. I was quite surprised to hear the announcements because they now have dropped the ‘please’ out of ‘mind the gap.’ I clearly remember this was not the case earlier.


It Used to be ‘Please Mind the Gap’

This is a video from a year before and it used to be ‘Please Mind the Gap.’ I sort of liked ‘Please Mind the Gap’ more.¬†Anyone having any clue why the announcements were changed?


5 thoughts on “From ‘Please Mind the Gap’ to ‘Mind the Gap’ on Delhi Metro”

  1. shucks my comment did not get saved….anywy..tell them to “plz mind the gap.” and u cant escape day i will catch u and make u buy a new mobile for me hehhe..:)

  2. Ajeya, it is quite cool in the non-peak hours here.

    Ramesh, I will but you a non-camera mobile! I am sure you are soon going to upgrade your mobile soon.

    Tarun and yet they used to say please for quite sometime!

    Steve, sounds reasonable, what you say.

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