Lax and What Else?

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Emirates check In counter UK

Not the Click they Would Like!

I like Emirates. I have flown with them twice, once in 2002 and the other in November 2009. But could not resist posting this one. I wonder how I managed to click ‘Lax and …’ instead of relax and …’ I took this picture at the Manchester airport. And while I am talking of the airports I liked my only exit out of Manchester much much more than Heathrow at London.

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5 thoughts on “Lax and What Else?

  1. Mridula Post author

    Thank you Tarun 😀

    Viral, good to see you here!

    Thank you Juila, I think it was the angle at which I was standing if I remember correctly.

    Thank you Ramesh 😀

  2. Viral

    Yeah, i have also heard from variou people that manchester airport is much more easier than london heathrow – especially when arriving – immigration – baggage and exit can happen within half an hour


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