Caught Napping

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Tourist sleeping at Agra Fort

Caught Napping at the Agra Fort

It was a hot hot March day last year and I do not blame the poor guy if he found some solace at the Agra Fort from the Sun and the heat!

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7 thoughts on “Caught Napping

  1. Mridula Post author

    Doli, I agree with your sister. 😀

    Tarun, I won’t!

    Anu it was summer too, so I agree poor guy!

    Sandeep 😀 I am not that bad!

    Chitra 😀

  2. Anu

    poor guy, must have been so tired to drop off right there… but a walk through the Agra fort can really get tiring… so maybe he was just too tired……..

  3. sandeep

    hi hi hi :) now people shud b careful before dozing off in public! coz mridula, the paparazzi, is on the loose :)

  4. Doli

    yeah.. I can imagine how it is starting to get.. my sister was saying she would like some of the cold weather from here to go to India :)


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