My Plagiarized Picture Ends up On Mint (WSJ India Partner)

Click on the Full Size and then see the Passport Image from a file picture of Mints’ Web Page (not available anymore) I hope they find my use of the screen shot a fair use.

That passport picture belongs to me. They have taken it down from the website now.
By now this is the second time I am dealing with the Hindustan Times.
I know who to write to.
They immediately acknowledge the mistake and offer to take that image down, as if that would be enough.
When I retort that I need compensation and credit, they say they will not use the picture but give me the money.
I have to ask how much,
They say 2K and it is high because this is a plagiarized image.
Like a fool who is hard pressed for time I agree, I am equally the culprit.
This is a very hurried post as I am out of town for work. More thoughts on this when I come back.
And I am waiting to hear more from Spicejet too but that is another story and a little different than the straight lifts.
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13 thoughts on “My Plagiarized Picture Ends up On Mint (WSJ India Partner)”

  1. oh yesterday I was thinking seeing your beautiful birds picture that someone will steal that picture too! and once again it has been done!

  2. Stop talking and start suing!! And time you started putting a big horrendous watermark on your pics – not that it would prevent these fools but it sure makes it harder!!

  3. Again? that's too much u know where to knock for an earnest reply…do it…we bloggers and our wishes r with u:)

  4. Tarun, what to do!Doli but I do not post high res pictures any longer so I think they will not come out well in print.Kelly, I agree.Ramprahesk I know a very respected lawyer in the supreme sourt and she said there are 30 million cases pending in the courts, and I respect her advice.Thank you Deepa.Sandeep my sentiments too.Guru it does knocks me off balance.Chitra I agree it is not easy dealing with them. Though Mint was easier.Abhilash I have no idea!Thank you Ramesh.Akhila it is indeed a pain to fight with them.Megha even I am insane I agreed for 2K.


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