Skywatch Friday- Sunset at Oxford, UK

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Sunset at Oxford, UK
I took this picture in the summer of 2008. Being summer of course this was closer to 9.00 pm. Even though I had faced this before a few times in Europe, I always feel surprised when the sun sun doesn’t go down at its usual 7.00 pm in summer like India.
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13 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday- Sunset at Oxford, UK

  1. Mridula

    Shrinidhi, look at the time stamp. :DTarun thanks for pointing out the tilt will be more careful the next time.Doli I too do not like the sun going down around 4.00 pm.Thank you Bindu.Chitra thanks for pointing that out I have corrected it.Thank you Sylvia.Fickleinpink I thoroughly enjoyed your picture.Magiceye thank you.Thanks for letting that know Abhilash.Thank you Greg.Vincebene thank you.Rajesh thank you.

  2. chitra

    "when the sun sun doesn't go down at its usual 7.00 am in summer like India."am or pm Mridula or have I made a mistake in understanding it?

  3. Doli

    wow it looks so nice :) yeah summer the sun doesnt go till 9 pm or so and in the winter by 4 it's down.. i prefer india wrt sun!!! there you know when it is day and when it is night :)


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