Recalcitrance- A Novel by Anurag Kumar

By Mridula Dwivedi January 20, 2010 15 Comments

I was lucky enough to get a copy of Recalcitrance by Anurag Kumar from him via Twitter. Whenever I have promised anyone to do a book review I freeze like anything. I am no reviewer or critic. So I decided to do a post where I share 10 things about the book.

I would just give you a short background. The book is set in Lucknow and the time period is the war of 1857. Now off to the 10 things I liked about the book.
10. There is a love story in it and it is subtle and well integrated. It does not feel like an add on to the main story.
9. The author knows his Lucknow well.
8. It is a short novel (by my standards, it is less than 200 pages) and yet the characters are not unidimensional.
7. The pace of the book is excellent.
6. It is not preachy in spite of its subject matter.
5. The narration moves from one story to another quite well.
4. The ‘heroes’ of the book are human and not super heroes.
3. The feel of the era is invoked well (or so it seems to me, I mean I have not seen that era only read about it).
2. The description of the city made feel as if I was time traveling through Lucknow, some of the spots are known to me.
1. There is hope in it, I cannot take books that end up without a shred of hope for the main characters.

15 thoughts on “Recalcitrance- A Novel by Anurag Kumar”

  1. An Honest recommendation u know it Don't review a book :PI will try to catch this up in upcoming bookfair. About 1857 I have read Christopher Hibbert's Great Mutiny, though boring, but it is full of facts and to much extent unbiased..

  2. Doli the links given are the ones from Ebay too so maybe it will work for you?Anurag when I read Disgrace or even Inheritance of Loss what I didn't like was there was not a shred of hope for the main characters. Maybe there are places like that but it feels quite scary to me. Hence I mentioned it.Tarun I am no reviewer, I am bad at it and I freeze at the thought of doing a book review.Sanand it is an interesting book.

  3. hi is the book available in the UK?
    read Christopher Hibbert’s book, want to read something from the Indian point of view

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