I Would Break My Ankle for Sure!

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High Heels (Clicked at Manchester Airport Shopping Area)

I often kill time in the airports by walking around the shopping area. I hardly ever buy anything, though chocolates are an exception to this rule. And if I am wondering around I would of course click pictures. Saw these mini towers at the Manchester airport forgot to look at the price tag though.
I really truly marvel at people who can walk in these towers without injuring themselves. I for sure would break my ankle in a few short steps if I ever tried walking in high heels. But then I have seen people walking around in them. And sometimes on a weekend at night also walking around barefeet with high heeled shoes in their hand!
PS. And no I have not bought a new Sony Cybershot, I only borrowed it from one my colleagues for this trip.
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11 thoughts on “I Would Break My Ankle for Sure!

  1. Sanand

    I can understand models wearing them because it creates an impact of sorts but I really can't imagine ordinary people wearing them without risking a really bad fall.

  2. Mridula

    Sangfroid, thank you. I wonder why people decide to wear them, they do make a person 'look' a certain way but then I am sure it is not for me.Rocksea, neither can I.Thank you Ramesh, maybe next time when you are in Delhi/Gurgaon, then we would not need a visa!Tarun, some men also wear heels!Sankara, they for sure were high! And hence the picture.Diva, yes the university had arranged for a cab. It took us one hour to reach there.Bndu, I agree flats are more enticing particularly when we like to walk!Sandeep I also wonder the same 😀

  3. bindu

    Looks like you've been traveling a lot. Those heels are high indeed. I own 1-2 pairs of small heels, but rarely use them. The flats are always more enticing!

  4. R. Ramesh

    bad bad sad sad u were in dxb and yet v coulnt catch up…anywy.good to hear u had a gr8 time…cheers friend:)

  5. Sangfroid

    Welcome back :-)It hurts those who wear them. There is no exception. It is just that some choose the pain 😛


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