Today’s Commute

Bus with a Colorful Load
These pictures are the haul for the day. On the dusty highway I suddenly spotted these colorful balloons tied to the back of the bus. I reached out for my camera. I mean it is a much better site that watching people sitting on the top of the bus. Fir a while there was a car in between our car and this bus and I was wondering if it would go away before I could photograph it.

Colorful Load

My hunch is that the owner of this load was sitting inside the bus but there was no place to keep his stuff. So he found a way and I found a photo opportunity.

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14 thoughts on “Today’s Commute”

  1. that was a nice pic….. and it looks like the names of all family members of the owner/driver are written on the back of the bus! apart from truck art, you can now look for bus art too …:-)btw, thanks to you, I have been looking out for truck art, and there doesnt seem to be anything very interesting written on our bbay trucks!!

  2. Tarun now that is a 'smash hit' idea!Anu sorry to hear that about Mumbai trucks, but then maybe if you keep up at it things would change?Ramesh, Tarun for sure had this smash and hit idea!VS going by your observation, looks like it. Fida it sure did brighten my day.Rush 😀


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