Noticing Trucks

Blurred Picture
It was around 6.45 in the evening yesterday and I was almost at the end of my evening commute. There is a roundabout where I invariably get a traffic jam and this Friday was no different. I was really sitting in my car quite bored till I saw the truck ahead of me.
I immediately took out my camera and clicked but my windshield had a lot of dust on it and the result was the picture above and quite disappointing.

Truck Art
Then I opened the window, took my hand out and clicked. The result is so much more better. I have clicked a very similar picture of another truck before and yet there are a few differences. In this one there is a girl sitting quite pensively and the quote in Hindi that says Roya Karege Shanu Yaa Karke (Shanu would cry when she remembers me).

In my previous job my total commute was 16km and now it is 62. You can see how it has impacted my blogging and the pictures. And I am not cribbing about my commute, just mentioning that it has increased and I see a lot of trucks or maybe I notice them now much more.

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12 thoughts on “Noticing Trucks”

  1. Mridula, the truck art crazed woman :PYou might have got the translation wrong….It sounds like this"You will cry whenever u remember me"PS: Haven't heard any Punjabi woman name Shanu

  2. It is Tarun not Trun, And there is no secret….a 'woman'can be anything..its just most of the truckers (especially in North) happens from mentioning Shanu I only meant to correct the the quote was in punjabi…My life might not be an open book, but it is also not a bookie's book.. 😛

  3. A lil point there – Shanu can be a name, Sanu in Punjabi is 'us' and it can be an attempt to use one word to imply both. At least a simple sentence has provided some food for thought.


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