You Get to See what I Get to See!

Truck quotes is what I see most of these days when I travel, so that is what I end up sharing.

Truck Art, Gurgaon, India

This truck caught my eye because of the quote in Hindi saying, “Dekh Thakur ke That.” I can once again try and kill it in translation. Would it come off as, “See the Important Man and his excesses?” Sounds like perfect case of ‘lost in translation.’

More Truck Art from Gurgaon, India

This one again features because of the quote in Hindi, “Dhan chaho tou dan karo.” Would mean if you wish to get rich give away in charity first.
PS. We always get blow horn for sure.
PPS. Nilesh, do you still read my blog? 😀
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12 thoughts on “You Get to See what I Get to See!”

  1. and the quotes sure do blow our senses off for a while!!the truckers not only make their presence felt bold, but sure do boldly express themselves!!neat capture!!

  2. Wouldn't you love to get rich? I'll give my account number, so that you can start charity rightaway. (P.S. I accept charity via paypal also 😉 )

  3. One quote I read once:Latakle to gele betaAnd I asked a friend about the same. He said the truck owner is trying to explain in short with warning that if you travel while hanging self at the back of the truck, chances are you are gone.Good quote it was, isn't it.

  4. oh that so true…Blow Horn is the common one in any kind of these big vehicles…and indeed these one liners does make our journey a bit more joyful…nice captures!

  5. Thank you Rush.Shrinidhi those should be offered to the the trucker, I am just passing on the message! :DHobo, thanks for sharing that quote, I think there is a Hindi version of that too.Flyingstar, yes sometimes they too make you pause in the same old morning commute and make you reach out for the camera too!Tarun, I too found that one novel!

  6. The truck bumper messages are usually good to read. But I don't like the things people sometimes write on the bumpers of their bikes – somebody's gift (put mom/dad/brother,etc in place of somebody)Don't kiss me… and so on.Lame!Digressing a little bit, have you ever seen somebody put the picture of two guys instead of the registration number – I have! 🙂


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