Taksal- The Curious Name for a Railway Station

Taksal Station on the Kalka Shimla Route
I was wondering why the railway station got a name which means ‘minting money.’ Wikipedia has a partial answer about the name Taksal. I think this is the first station that we cross while traveling from Kalka to Shimla.
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8 thoughts on “Taksal- The Curious Name for a Railway Station”

  1. The Place might be well known for minting coins and name struck. This things are not strange.In Delhi ever heard of 'Daftar', it is the Central Secretariat. Few years ago, conductors of bus used to shout 'daftar daftar' and I use to get confused, is there only one office in Delhi? Before I realize that it was the main employer during a period of history.Same it with this 'Taksal'

  2. Doli :DTarun, thanks for sharing the Daftar story. Abhilash, so when are you heading that way? :DSangfroid, geography has never been my strong point but I thought Takshila and Nalanda were in Bhiar.

  3. Don't get confused – Takshila (or Taxila) and Nalanda are/were two different cities – thousands of miles away. Taxila is now in Pakistan; and Nalanda is in Bihar. If I am not mistaken, Taxila has the honor of establishing world's first University in 500-600 B.C. +/- 100-200 B.C. 🙂


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