More Truck Art- Can We Ever Escape Horn Please?

Truck Art and Of Course Horn Please Once Again

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18 thoughts on “More Truck Art- Can We Ever Escape Horn Please?”

  1. hey M how cleverly u pulled my leg.dy editors these days do not have "baav" yar..v just exist..that journalistic charm is long dead…no i am not grumbling..just saying..cheers

  2. I've also seen signs like: Horn OK Please; or Horn OK Please TaTa. :DI wonder if honking horn actually helps in minimizing road accidents.

  3. Lately i found out that in terms of design & use of colors our neighbours across the border r way ahead of us. Take a look on google search at least I was impressed.

  4. Doli :DHobo, a lot of people manage in this world without honking! But yes they have better roads and better compliance with traffic rules I believe.Ramesh, thank you.Shrinidhi unfortunately is not going to register in anyones memory :(Ramesh I am not sure Dy. Editors don't have bhaav!Indica in our case maybe, give the roads and the traffic sense.Manish I have done that I am mighty impressed with what I saw.Tarun no offence taken :DBindu :DRocksea and I thought I have cut down on these pictures 😀


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