Jaipur Foot

A Man with the Jaipur Foot, New Delhi Railway Station

I saw his man walking with a Jaipur Foot in hand and with a water bottle inside it. I wondered if I should click a picture but then decided why not. His leg that is not visible in the picture was a Jaipur foot too.

I liked his spirit. For me it was quite strange to watch a foot being carried in a hand but for him it must be a useful and familiar extension of the body, so much so that he can keep a water bottle inside it!

I wish I could take better pictures with my cell phone but for know this has to do.

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8 thoughts on “Jaipur Foot”

  1. There is a saying, "Only in India" …I can't imagine stuff like this happening anywhere else 🙂 It's totally fabulous, and what a neat idea for that guy to save space by putting water in a leg. LOL

  2. Ingenious! just like the foot itself.But I see a purpose here, it is not only for the carrying bottle that he is carrying one of his foot on his hand. He could hold the bottle in his hand, the purpose is to catch the train, so that he could hold the handle with his hand or fingers to be exact. Real ingenious!

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