I Rarely Protest about Food but This is an Exception

A Plate of Food at Jhansi Railway Station run by Indian Railways
I clicked a picture of this stuff that we ate at the Jhansi Railway Station just to remind myself that food can really taste like mud if it is messed up thoroughly. I thought hostel food has killed all my taste buds. But on this occasion I realized that a few have survived and protest sufficiently when served with mud in the name of food.

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12 thoughts on “I Rarely Protest about Food but This is an Exception”

  1. Checked the Chemical composition of vegetables and lentils used. Then it would be the chemical mud. :PNot surprising for me, the contracting system for food usually leads to this whether that is hostel offices or Railways. Better to lease the food and make people 'Accountable'Oh! sorry to use that word..nobody in the country likes to take it…

  2. yuck!!! food at stations is really getting worse!!!! i remember the days when we used to travel as kids and my uncle used to go to the canteen to get food while the train stopped at lunchtime! we used to wait for it!!!

  3. Hmm .. At the station or in the train. IRCTC food tastes almost same on all trains. It never was great but bearable :-|How have you been ?

  4. Indica :DI agree on both, the chemical mud and accountability part.Abhilash, this one meal was particularly bad, I have had better ones too.Anu, yes I too remember those days.Sangfroid, I thought on Shatabdi and Rajdhani it was just about OK but this one was real horrible! I am doing fine, thank you so much for asking.

  5. Food is usually bad at UP stations or may be I can say that it is always bad at UP stations.

  6. Well I thought mud didn't have any particular taste, so if there was no taste, there shouldn't have been any problem. Did you have a particular variety of mud in mind? :o)

  7. That's why in old days people used to carry their own "poori", "aloo ki sabji" and "achar" in a "mithai ka dibba". Also, water from a reliable source in a "surahi"… I believe such things are out of fashion now….

  8. Namita could be possible.VS that is a tough one :DAtul now it is a burger from some outlet and bottled water most of the time. I have still seen many people carrying home food from the starting destinations but the trouble is with the return journey.

  9. well…try to do a Gandhi. Go on fast for bad food :Por carry keora juice with u. have a spoonful and it will surely kill ur hunger 😀

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