Diwali Celebrations 2009

Chhavi had a Blast this Diwali, with Nana and Papa (Mom is the photographer)

I think I will let her festival pictures creep in on my blog from festival to festival or when we manage to take her on a trip. Qutb Minar is first on the agenda, maybe in less than a month.

Diwali Celebrations 2009

Here is to all of us for a wonderful Diwali.
PS. This Diya picture is now on a book cover. Do check it out.
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25 thoughts on “Diwali Celebrations 2009”

  1. Hey its seems Chavi enjoyed herself a lotGreat to see thatI think see is a bit naughty….her eyes says that.Hope that you people had a blast

  2. She is not just a bit, she has become quite naughty because she knows she can twist us around her fingers! How was your Diwali Tarun?

  3. I have a cousin sister…and she knows my weakness…and trouble is me an my mom end up pampering her a lot..It happens and no one can't help itDeepawali was great:D..except my gastronomic delight left to much to desire…:(I will share thise

  4. I know Tarun, I have also spoiled my niece and nephews rotten! Yes do post updates on your Diwali.Thank you Hobo, she is turing out to be a brat sooner than we expected.

  5. Hope you had a "sparkling" Deepawali. Chhavi is cute.

  6. i loved the diya click Mri…HAPPY DIWALI and may this year and all forthcoming years fill ur life with excitement and fun like never before.Big hugs to the cute little pea in grandpas hands

  7. Thank you Rush, I too liked the Diya click a lot. And the pea is asleep at the moment so it feels like that a tornado has stopped temporarily.

  8. Those expressions on her face say so much. She must have really enjoyed herself.Its amusing to imagine a brat running amok at your place and you guys learning new things rather than the other way around. :oD

  9. Somehow i did miss this post before. Good Photo and hope you had a very festive time during Diwali

  10. hi mridula,u have a beautiful name.which part of uttaranchal are you from and where are you working?liked the theme of your photographs.udit joshi

  11. Hi Udit, thank you. I am not from Uttranchal. And I teach in a college at NCR.Thank you for stopping by and best wishes for your job search.

  12. ha haha.. thank you..is that colleg in gurgaon..and your parents look like pahadis which i too am..

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