Attractions at Bundi- Sukh Mahal and the Kipling Connection

Sukh Mahal was referred to us by the guards at Chitrashala at Bundi. When we asked if it was far away, they convinced us that it was. It was anyway aournd 11 am and it was hot only as it gets in a desert. So, we decided to hire an auto. It was on the way to Sukh Mahal that I managed to click the milk motorcycle.
Brat 2 (who is 6 feet 4 inches tall) jumped and shirked when we reached there because he could see the water body around Sukh Mahal before I could over the perimeter of the walls. We ran to the observation posts quickly to get closer to the water. There are two ghats also, one for men and another for women. And of course the lake is full of lotuses.

Part of Sukh Mahal, Bundi, Rajasthan

When we reached near the main chamber, the caretaker told us, “This is the place where the jungle book man stayed.”* So I told him, “Oh you are talking of Rudyard Kipling but the book he is supposed to gather material for here is Kim and not the Jungle Book.” And he replied, “But it was the jungle book man.” And that is where that conversation ended.

Sculptures Around Sukh Mahal, Bundi, Rajasthan
He showed us around the main room, which is otherwise locked and it is full of paintings. When we came out we tried to tip them. They took it only after we insisted many times. They also pointed out to the sculptures and said, “There is a sun dial here too, but we were not aware, a journalist came and he told us about it.”

Lotuses Around the lake Near Sukh Mahal, Bundi, Rajasthan
And then of course there was this lake full of lotuses behind Sukh Mahal and that is a site that thrilled me to the core. Even the Auto guy remarked, “You really liked our lake, you have clicked so many pictures.” I couldn’t agree more!

*All the conversations recorded here were in Hindi and I have translated them from memory.

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8 thoughts on “Attractions at Bundi- Sukh Mahal and the Kipling Connection”

  1. The caretakers were honest, self-respecting people and would rather survive on the salaries paid to them by the government, it seems to me.Nice photos! No wonder Kipling too enjoyed being there.:)

  2. Back to you Mridula! No place like home, here in the heat and the dust, Bundi seems to be a picturesque retreat, enchanting enough to ignite a writer's pen and a traveller's wanderlust.The boy overlooking the lake is I believe your Brat2?Julia

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