Attractions at Bundi- Raniji Ki Baori

By Mridula Dwivedi October 7, 2009 16 Comments
The day Brat 2 and I reached Bundi we managed to venture out only after the Royal Palace was closed. So the locals recommended us to go to Raniji Ki Baori (Queen’s Step Well). They also told us we should take an auto. I am aware that the locals tend to think that we city people cannot walk. So we asked about the distance. When they said 2 KM or so, we decided to walk.

The Information Board outside Raniji Ki Baori, Bundi, Rajasthan
Rani Nathawat is credited for building of this step well in 1699. And it is indeed grand. Brat 2 remarked to me- “I am sure the Raniji would not walk from palace to the bath, and I wonder how many people were needed to carry her palki (palanquin)?” I wonder where are the other 49 wells located?

Steps Leading out of the Raniji Ki Baori, Bundi, Rajasthan

When we reached there the first day the main entrance was closed. But looking at the picture above I am wondering if we could have just walked a few meters and entered through this gate? Doesn’t look like it can be locked.

The View from the Main Entrance, Raniji Ki Baori, Bundi, Rajasthan

The view of the place while we were entering was quite striking. But we reached here by 2.00 pm or so, and the sun was so hot that we were longing quite badly for our AC room.

Raniji Ki Baori

But that didn’t stop us from clicking pictures. The real baori (stepwell) is beneath this ornate structure but locked now, so we could not climb down. There are grills around this place so clicked this picture by getting the lens of the point and shoot camera inside one of the mesh holes.

16 thoughts on “Attractions at Bundi- Raniji Ki Baori”

  1. Mridula.. you write too fast re… I can only read the posts after 10 PM , when I complete my daily work and reach home… whenever I come to Travel tales from India I could find a lot of articles already here…Appa! they are all interesting and never seen before… I like raniji ki baori's front gate with the elephant…Hope you readuced your Kg's after walking 2 km's 🙂

  2. Abhilash probably not for long :DDoli religious ceremonies, it is a bath.Thanks Shankara.Namita, the credit goes to Abhilash and Being Bindas because they asked about the monuments and then I started taking them one by one.

  3. bundi is very famous for its reservoirs also known as stepwells….one of my juniors did her masters thesis on water conservation in the early times and her case study was bundi..she told me quite interesting stuff about the place….if it works out someday…ill visit the place definitely

  4. Tarun, that is true we have not reached a stage where we care for preserving the history/heritage.Shooting Star than you for sharing that, I was not aware.The pleasure is mine Rocksea.

  5. The step wells have been so thoughtfully designed.I wonder what the common people used in those times.I think the queen would have perhaps walked with her female attendants.

  6. Now I know what bundi is famous for :-)Thanks for the translation of Baori. Although, I have a question – What is the difference between a Hamam and a Baori? :-PAnd, did you manage to enter the place another day?

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