And Yet More Truck Art

Colorful Truck Art

You can’t blame me for posting these, I can only post what I see most! And you have to admit this one was quite colorful.
Of course this time we have ‘blow horn’ and not ‘horn please.
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6 thoughts on “And Yet More Truck Art”

  1. Colorful and quite educative…1,2,3,4,5. Reminds me of a scene in Mother India feature Sunil Dutt and Nargis.But on a serious note I feel it also represent a dream of the driver. A dream which I must dare say will remain unfulfilled. A dream of home by the lake and mountains, a place he can call home. No wonder there life is hard, months on road can be back breaking and gives rise to many ills.

  2. One subject again & again And The person will be the master for sure.Best-Wishes !!!

  3. I know the truck drivers are really artists. Problems arise when they drive artistically.

  4. Tarun, I didn't notice 12345 when I clicked the picture!Hobo, that is what I see most these days.Shrinidhi, as I said, I didn't even notice it till you guys pointed out.Thank you for stopping by Rocksea.Abhilash 😀

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