The Way it Rained! Plus Some More Truck Art

Rains at Gurgaon

I was coming back from work and it was around 6.10 pm, time when there is wide day light on a normal day. It had started raining when I left and it kept on getting dark. Soon it was so dark that all the vehicles started switching on the lights. And after a while it became plain night with pouring rain. Took me a long time to get back home.

More Cow and Calf on the Trucks

I am quite amazed with the number of cow and calf trucks that I get to see on the roads. I wonder if it is peculiar to Haryana/NCR or it is a wider trend? How can it not say horn please? But I found the ‘friend’ part a little different and of course there has to be something about god, so this one invokes ‘Jai Balaji‘ (Lord Balaji be praised).
Meanwhile, Sidhu pointed out to me that the Pakistani Truck Art is quite elaborate and eye catching. Have a look, I have never seen anything like it before.

Mahindra or Tata? A Case of Confused Identity!
Mahindra is one big company that makes vehicles. Tata is another. This one has both written at the back. I suspect it was built by the Mahindra’s but says ‘Ok Tata‘ as a way greeting.

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11 thoughts on “The Way it Rained! Plus Some More Truck Art”

  1. Going by the number of Truck pics that you are posting these days, Mr Tata is soon going to take over your blog too just like he did the other one 🙂


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