Obsessed with the Truck Art these Days!

More OK Tata on the Trucks, Gurgaon

More OK Tata just above the wheels in the middle of the truck!
Same cow and the calf theme!
Yet to find one that doesn’t believe in ‘horn please.’
This one has an additional line ‘fir milenge’ which is ‘we will meet again’.
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7 thoughts on “Obsessed with the Truck Art these Days!”

  1. mridula…gimme a chance to exaggerate yaar..plzz.lol..there is no great pleasure than letting yr imagination run riot…haha..hey but the post had a original base..

  2. Unconventional focus!A chronological analysis of Truck lore/painting/graffiti can be a great source and even be a topic for some serious research and even a Ph.D!By the way have a look at our sparksoflove.t35.com/thf/for some unconventional unrelated stuff.

  3. The most amazing 'truck art' I have ever seen has been while travelling through Pakistan. Unfortunately, I did not have a good enough camera.An image search at Google for 'Pakistani truck art' should provide a fair idea, however.

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  5. Hobo but the problem is this never turns out as a request in practice!Ramesh I quite enjoyed that piece!Lakshmi, so good to see you back.Alabhya thanks for stopping by.Sidhu thanks for that tip, it is indeed amazing.IEDig thanks for sharing.


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