Manchester United Stadium- My Experiences of the Guided Tour

I was reading about the loss and win of Manchester United in the EPL, and I decided it is about time I wrote about my experience of taking a guided tour of the Manchester United Stadium on May 13, 2009. I wish to record the date so that when I read this 10 years later I would know when was I there!
I was visiting my school friends in London and Manchester and I met them after 20 years. My friend in Manchester saw to it that we went to the stadium. She herself was not coming and my friend from London had seen it before. But she decided to see it with me again.

Outside the Manchester United Stadium
We were being lazy throughout the day and only around 3.45 pm we realized that if we do not moved we would miss the last guided tour of the stadium. The last guided tour of the Manchester United Stadium departs at 4.30 pm and we barely made it by reaching at 4.15 there. The person at the ticket counter was quite friendly and I think he gave us some discount or the other on the tickets. Then he hurried us along to the place from where the tour begins.
The name of our guide was Stewart Brown (I have a feeling that he spelled Stewart differently but I do not remember the correct spelling) and he had been at it for the last 14 years. When I asked him if he was a Manchester United fan, he said he would tell me by the end of the tour.
I also have to say that my interest in Football is because of Brat 2. He watches it like religion and many a times I just watch along. He is a Arsenal fan and he told me I should have gone to the Emirates Stadium. I said I had very little time in London and he was pacified. But both Brat 1 and Brat 2 watched my Man Utd pictures with great enthusiasm.

Access to Seats, Manchester United Stadium
The group taking the tour on May 13, 2009 (4.30 pm) was about 30-35 strong. And while we were walking, Stewart took a deliberate circular path and about 20 people followed him exactly like a sheep in the herd! We at the rear end took the more straight one and Stewart turned back and winked.
It was quite fascinating to be inside the stadium and see the notices put for the fans and the spectators. There was a tray for sticking chewing gum but my pictures of the same have not come out well.

Manchester United Stadium
When we reached inside the stadium Stewart asked our group to take a seat. He then asked how many of us were Manchester United fans and only a few hands went up. The rest of us were just curious. He also asked for our countries and the globe was quite fairly represented in our tour group.

Disabled Supporters Association, Manchester United Stadium
The thing that impressed me most was the arrangements for the people with disabilities at the Manchester United Stadium. Their is a ability suit for them at the stadium. I mean for us, it took a Stephen Hawking to get a ramp at the Taj Mahal.

Another View Manchester United Stadium, Red for the Red Devils
There was no way I could get a panoramic picture of the stadium, in that sense the tour felt hurried or maybe I was just too caught up in the then and there. If I ever visit it again, I would go high up in the stands and try to click a different picture.

The Player’s Dressing Room, Manchester United Stadium, is Part of the Guided Tour
The tour includes a visit to the player’s dressing room, something I didn’t expect and found quite exciting. The shirt on the walls tell the tentative position players like to take when they are inside the room. Stewart didn’t mention in which part the shoe flying incident between Sir Alex Ferguson and David Beckham took place and I didn’t ask. Ronaldo’s shirt must be gone from the room by now I guess. All of us got pictures taken and I have one sitting under Tevez’s shirt.

Notices for the Players, Manchester United Stadium
I was quite amused with the notice to the players about not being allowed to wear their jewellery. I think I have seen Ronaldo using tape over his earrings even though this notice says it is not allowed. Bart 2 was also quite amused with this picture and said but the players still wear some jewellery.

The Munich Clock, Manchester United Stadium
I was not aware of the Munich tragedy that stuck Manchester United in 1958. A plane carrying their players and supporters along with others crashed after its third attempt to take off from Munich. There is a plaque and a clock to commemorate the event.

The Player’s Tunnel, Manchester United Stadium
Soon it was our turn to come out of the player’s tunnel and once again it was quite exciting. There was a teen aged lad who was grinning from ear to ear when we were in this area. And they can get ambulances right next to to this tunnel in case of any emergency.

Stewart Brown, Our Guide Acting as a Referee on the Guided Tour of the Manchester United Stadium
While we were standing before the tunnel Stewart played the referee and treated us as the players diving us into the home and the away teams. He went around shaking hands with the grimmest possible expression and it never changed however much we giggled. And I did giggle a lot, a thing I am not much prone to!

Manchester United Stadium, Player’s Stand
We were finally led out to this area at the end of the tour. We went to the player’s stand and got our pictures clicked. While we were coming out of the tunnel there are notices asking to keep away from the grass and not to pluck it. I can imagine that people may like to take it with them as a souvenir!

The Souvenir Shop, Manchester United Stadium, Last Stop of the Guided Tour
The tour leads us out to the gift shop of Manchester United and it is the strategic last stop. Thankfully I didn’t had to buy anything because Brat 1 and Brat 2 are not Man Utd fans. My friend bought a few things for her kids. Brat 2 had given me strict instructions to buy something about West Ham United, a fascination he developed after watching the movie Hooligans. I could only get him a scarf though he was quite happy with it.

Notices a Plenty, Join the Waiting List for Season Ticket at the Manchester United Stadium
I found it quite funny (shows how little I know about the world of football) that the notice invited the fans to join the waiting list for season tickets! When I started reading it in the shopping area I thought it was about buying season tickets!

Manchester United Stadium, Manchester, UK
And when I was showing my UK 2009 pictures to Brat 1 and Brat 2 they refused to see anything more beyond the Manchester United ones! And till date they have not asked to see anything else.
I wonder what it would be like to be in the stadium when a match is being played! And I of course forgot to ask Stewart at the end of the tour if he was a Manchester United fan or not.

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  1. M i had a taste of how it was in a stadium when i attended the football world cup in hamburg between italy and urkraine..awesome..and i like writing human interest stories..but have little choice in gulf journalism…dunno..confused..anywy thanks for sharing yr experince..sounds gr8..happy to have such a friend like u..

  2. Interesting Post…Yes it is the Munich 1958 that gave the team the prop that it has today. It inspired the whole generation to perform..

  3. Ramesh I have only seen India Australia cricekt match at Kanpur. Thanks for sharing your experience.Thank you Tarun. It was an interesting visit.

  4. Hi Mridula, that was a good tour! Maybe he writes his name as Stuart. A chewing gum sticking plate? That's interesting!

  5. my son is disabled and supports man united and i would like to treat him to a tour of the stadium and to see match afterwards, how much will it cost me for three adults

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