Lazy Sunday Photo, Barog- A Beautiful Hill Station on Kalka Shimla Train Route

Barog- A Beautiful Hill Station on Kalka Shimla Train Route
We, Brat1 Brat 2 and I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Barog and guess what they rent rooms right at the station to the tourists too! More soon.

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  1. Being to Shimla long back..loved the train journey and the scenery. Waiting for more about this new place where rooms are available at the station itself.PS: I haven't read your post first, just saw the photo and was thought the same. Whether this is railway station or a hotel.

  2. Renting rooms at the station itself … How convenient. Neat :-)By the way, this snap looks very tempting. Captures the mood very well!

  3. this must be very beautiful place. Station (the scenery around it) itself looks so great.but i am not the one who will prefer to stay at station itself. it will be nuisance with passing trains (noise of trains and passengers alighting and boarding)

  4. I was on this route 11 years ago at the end of April and greenary was a bit zaded it would have been different during mansoon period.

  5. Tarun the railwaymen also grumbled once to me, at this station there is more work to book a room than rail related work!Thanks Akhila.Sangfroid it made for a good experience.Nilesh this ia a narrow gauge line and the last train crosses at 9.00pm and after that the station almost shuts down. What do you say now?Manish and ou remember it after 11 years! Wow.Megha 😀

  6. I still maintain that i would not like to stay at station (given the images of all stations i visited so far in my entire life, even if not crowded, they are not good).However i think that railways should provide accommodation at all stations given so much delays in train arrival and departures. I would not mind paying for staying in a room (than waiting on platform) if my train is running late by more than couple of hours.

  7. Nilesh but this is a beautiful station, and the rooms like a budget hotel and it gets quite after 9.00 pm. What more do you want? 😀 😀

  8. have visited barog 3-4 tme and enjoyed its vicinity. Its good cool and calm place to stay with family and friends and enjoy the holidays. The stay may range from 2 to 3 days. I take the noise of trans as mmusic to my ear and i enjoy the movement of trains at Barog Railway station. However, it is difficult to get a room or book a room on phone call. Is there any solution to it. please to mail. Thanks.

    • Mr. Jauhry, thanks for stopping by my blog. I have only the number of the station master at Barog and do not know of any other way to book rooms at Barog.

      • Thank you ma’m for reply. I though the message will come from railway authorities about the room availibility. I came to know thro one of my friend that now a days booking can be made through phone calls at barog rly. stn. but I am not very sure about it. Any way thanks again.

        • I would say give the phone reservation a try sir, if you do not like the conversation, don’t go! Or go and stay at Solan it has so many hotels. And visit Barog for the day. Solan is the next station to Barog towards Shimla.

  9. Hi Mridula
    I am launching a travel website.
    I would like to use the image of Barog on our site with your watermark.
    Would you give permission?

    • Ratnabh as far as I remember this discussion didn’t go anywhere!


  11. Hi Mridula,

    Very much glad to know that you have been to the ‘bewitching’ Barog. My father being a Railway Officer (now retired), we explored Barog number of times in groups. The first time in the year 1986. Rightly said, the fragrance of Barog, the railway staff, the dining room, the kitchen, the long walk, cannot be forgotten. Some of the ‘chulhas’ (now abandoned) in the kitchen I saw in the late 80s & early 90s were from late 19th century (1889 – 1890). We just used to stay at Barog those days for 6-8 days, rejuvenate ourselves and came back. Being children at that time, never we felt going to Shimla or Kasauli. Such was the aura of the place. We used to know each and every staff there by heart and vice-versa. However, the railways / barog management should continue with its policy of restricted bookings for the non-railway persons, otherwise the place shall get spoiled in no time.

    • Thanks Debashish for sharing your thoughts, I agree it is a special place.

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