Friday is for Flowers- Tulips at Harcourt Hill, Oxford, UK

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Tulips at the Harcourt Hill Campus, Oxford Brookes University, UK

PS. Feeling too tired for words!
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11 thoughts on “Friday is for Flowers- Tulips at Harcourt Hill, Oxford, UK

  1. Mridula

    Doli for my generation Tulips would remind us Amitabh Bachachan and Rekha from Silsila. Now do Shahruk and Kajol also have got something to do with Tulips? 😀 Next time I will pay attention.Bindu, the weekend has been good so far, thank you so much.Thank you Tarun, with flowers you just have to click.Thank you Hobo, they are special for me too 😀 I saw Tulips for the first time here!Anu, this for a first for me too, I was once in Holland but not in the Tulip season.Thank you Indica.

  2. indicaspecies

    Beautiful! Tulips are one of my fav flowers. I like the way you have composed the second shot.

  3. Doli

    Cute tulips. I had been to a tulip festival in Holland, Michigan and it was amazing to see fields and fields of tulips. Truly the Sharukh Khan Kajol moment where they run across flowers :)


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