Touch Down at Heathrow

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Virgin Atlantic Flight VS 301 from New Delhi Landing at London Heathrow On May 5, 2009

I made this video from a window seat of the flight. It was a Tuesday (on Tuesday many Indians do not eat nonvegetarian food even if they eat it otherwise) and they had run out of vegetarian food and gave me something to eat quite later. Even then I had enjoyed my flight. On the return flight I did not get a window seat. But then I will write a proper post about the flight experience both ways.

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4 thoughts on “Touch Down at Heathrow

  1. Mridula

    Thanks Rajesh.I am not sure Mindspace, but if we go by the number of videos on youtube of take offs and landings, it seems to be quite common.Kelly, good question. I am guessing that it has to do with some God and religion in Hinduism.

  2. mindspace

    are cameras allowed while landing and take off? i never used being scared some technical issue might be caused due to it while i wonder would it really?


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