Flying from Delhi to Jabalpur and Back on Kingfisher Red Airline

By Mridula Dwivedi June 24, 2009 8 Comments

Kingfisher Red Flight IT 4375 Approaching Jabalpur

I tried to get train tickets between New Delhi and Gondia (a station close to Kanha) but June being school holidays all the trains were running packed. Then my dad insisted, “Fly, why do you wish to spend so much time on a train?” I was paying for the journey to Jabalpur/Gondia so I was obviously looking for train tickets. But flying and paying made hell lot of a sense because I would otherwise never stay at such a place like Taj’s Safari Lodge, Banjaar Tola simply because I am not their target market (another way to say I don’t have that kind of money). But then I digress, let me go back to the flight from New Delhi to Jabalpur and back. 

When I booked the flight the departure time from Delhi was 7.30 am or thereabout. But while I was checking my itinerary online, the time was changed to 10.40 am. And my flight (Kingfisher Red IT 4375 and IT 4376 when it comes back) finally took off at 11.30 am after spending a lot of time on the runway. I was in a good mood and didn’t mind the delay at all.

Kingfisher and Jet Airways Planes Parked at New Delhi Airport

Once the flight took off, all was well. Kingfisher Red is actually the new name of Air Deccan. I know that Air Deccan had no refreshments on board so I was not sure if there were any on this flight. The flight was just about one and a half hour long so it was no big deal . But I was actually hungry and to my pleasant surprise they soon served snacks on the flight. It was cheese and potato burger, corn and chana chat and a sweet dish. After gobbling all this up I was quite content to read a book and look out and chat with a lady sitting next to me. 

Soon the flight started to make its descent. I had made video of the take off from Delhi and I whipped out my camera and started to make a video (the video above in the post) again. There was a lot of turbulence but then I have flied in smaller crafts before (this flight used ATR Turboprop) in turbulent weather. So I kept making the video even though I was not feeling too well. If you have watched the video you would notice that it ends quite abruptly. It is because I realized I was quite nauseous and might need that air sickness bag after all. The lady next to me sensed that I was unwell and tried to make small talk. I told her I am finding it difficult to talk. And then I threw up all my snacks in that sickness bag!

That is how I arrived at Jabalpur and I am quite surprised that I can get sick in air too, I mean on hill roads I know it is going to be bad, so I take avomine. But this was a first. On my flight back, I was quite scared as I still had no avomine with me. I decided to sleep as much I could after all that is what I do when I take avomine. I was quite tense at landing but this time there was less turbulence and I managed fine.

But the landing at Jabalpur was the only part of the trip that was not good. Rest of the trip was wonderful.

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8 thoughts on “Flying from Delhi to Jabalpur and Back on Kingfisher Red Airline”

  1. And during my Dec 2007 trip to MP, I went around almost everywhere except Kanha NP. If you have a chance to be in the vicinity, I'd highly recommend Dhuandhar Falls, and having seen both Falls, I think it is worthy of comparison to the world famous Niagara Falls.

  2. Dear All,

    I am Prashant and I belong to Jabalpur which is also known as the Sanskardhani City and City Of Marble Rocks. There are lot of places to visit in Jabalpur like, Bhedaghat & Dhuandhar water fall, Chaonsath Yogni temple, Kanha national Park, Bandhawgarh National Park, Pench National Park and Panchmari – The Queen Of Satpura – The only hill station in MP.

  3. Nice article!!
    Just a quick correction: The photograph is of a Jet, not an ATR, as it has been wrongly tagged as an ATR, and is showing up in google.

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