Graffiti at the Taj Mahal, So Sad

By Mridula Dwivedi March 27, 2009 12 Comments
Tagging their Names along the Taj Mahal, Such a Sad Practice

12 thoughts on “Graffiti at the Taj Mahal, So Sad”

  1. I also wonder from where they got the purple colored stuff to scratch on the Taj Mahal walls.Bindu the sheer magnitude of humanity that watches the Taj Mahal everyday, unless they put CCTV cameras monitoring would be impossible!

  2. It is a sad state.Unfortunately all our monuments are in the same state due to our own people. No government or security can help.

  3. The ad campaign will help, if people really care for our heritage.But one of this ad campaign has similar scribes on the monument as the last shot, where it should not have been.

  4. Indians have an inferiority complex. Their mentality is: if its “ours” it’s garbage anyway and so it’s okay to not care about it, and if it’s “theirs” (i.e. Western), it is great! Indians would never do this in Rome!

  5. NS, I understand what you are saying but the Taj is so grand that it should take a special kind of stupidity to do something like it. I also wonder what would happen if you are caught for vandalism in Rome. I agree with your basic premises.

  6. extremely sad … i agree that it takes some special stupidity to do this 🙁 unfortunately we have so many people gifted with such levels of stupidity …

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