Sea Shells and Pizza

Pizza and Sea Shells, is there a link? Very minor, they were part of my extremely hectic and tiring day today.

I had a long class, one where students interact a lot on their own in the seminar (with me as the mediator) and they went on for half an hour more than the scheduled time. Yes, they sometimes do that.

Then I managed to go for lunch.

No, the pizza was not for lunch.

Next I faced a table at office that is so chaotic as of now that there was not a space to put my tea cup even. The day also felt the same.

Sea Shells

Then I was looking for something in my shoulder bag (the same I was carrying on the Surathkal Beach) and two coins fell out. Irritated I went down to pick it up and then saw that the shells I had picked up at the beach, one of them had fallen out too! That was one soothing incident incident in an almost out of control day.

Then it came to dinner and I had promised my nephew that we will have pizza today and pizza it was.

Domino’s Pizza

We had pizza after a very long time and it was fresh and tasted nice. Looked colorful too, so I clicked a picture as well. Brat 2 was asking why are you taking a picture of a pizza, it is not even lazy Sunday! Wonder when does he takes a peak at this blog.

But I have left the best part for the last. My ankle is almost normal now. So, I am going to play mild TT tomorrow! Yes, I am going to do it, in spite of any sensible advice that would come my way.

If I can teach standing, I can as well play TT. And it is only today I realized (again) how much I rely on TT for releasing my stress.

PS. What a ghastly background I chose to take a snap of the sea shells!

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8 thoughts on “Sea Shells and Pizza”

  1. Actually, the background in the 1st picture seen along with the pizza goes very well! Pizza looks good. Enjoy your TT game!

  2. The impressions you give:1. You think in terms of photographable or non-photographable. So even while having the pizza, you are not thinking of the taste…but of your own version of duality. :o)2. The way you have created the link between the ankle sprain and TT, it is almost sure that you play TT doing a handstand with the TT bat held between your toes, with the power of the shots coming from the ankle.

  3. Those black mollusc shells always surprise me. Dont they look a teensy bit like the wicked witch’s nails (or at least what they look like in childhood nightmares)? And then you flip them over and there is this amazing irridescent side to it too. About the background, I dont know… you could always explain it as Indian colours. Earthy red, cream, brown… very ethnic ;)Thanks for dropping by The Urban Gardener. Yes I do have a few cashew trees (and mango and coconut and …) and yes, it is in Mumbai city. Maybe I should make it a tourist attraction (hmmm… but I wont mention the resident cobras and vipers) LOL!

  4. lord curzon and lady curzon after many considerations and consultations came to the general conclusion that the indian matriculation examination was a great botheration to the indian population from generation to generation..-shoktopore borochillo

  5. Thanks Bindu.Paradox, have you ever played TT? :DSidhu, I am much better, thank you.Sunita, now that is something! Yes, turn it into a tourist attraction! That way I can visit!Anon, I know who you are so beeehave!

  6. Isn’t it amazing how one little thing, like that sea shell, can transport you out of a day of misery? That’s why I need a my home – to come back to after a day of insanity to see those little things that remind me that life has much more to offer :))Actually, there is a connection between mussels and Pizza. Never had a seafood pizza?

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