Fog on the Road, Cobwebs in the Mind


Fog on the Road

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Last week, I got quite thick fog twice in the morning when I was driving to work. I used to be quite terrified of driving through it when I was new with my car. Now I somehow manage without my face turning chalk white. It just turns white now.

Don’t get me wrong, I still get scared. I have faced this more than once, I would be gingerly inching on the road only to find a huge lorry parked right in the middle lane in the dense fog. How I or anyone else spots it is a miracle. This is after all India. Then there would be someone who likes to play need for speed even on a foggy day overtaking me with a terrifying speed! But the worst is the ones who drive on the wring side even in the fog. I am sure there is a special place for them in hell!

I am coming to a point where I will rather be late to office than bear the fog on the road and the chaos of the traffic!

Now I can’t show you a picture of cobwebs in the mind! But I saw them quite clearly today when I watched the women’s singles final of the Australian Open Tennis. There is no other way to describe Dianara Safina’s game in the final against Serena Williams. And it was quite painful to watch, because self-doubt is something I am no stranger to! I can only say I am becoming better at mastering it, gradually!

I plan to watch more fog on the road, rather than cobwebs of my mind in 2009. It has been very busy January and quite satisfying too. I hope I will make the cobwebs go away!

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4 thoughts on “Fog on the Road, Cobwebs in the Mind”

  1. I did not see the match but your comment gives me an idea of how it would have gone

  2. I do not enjoy driving in heavy traffic.You are many games are played in the mind, while they are being played on the court too.

  3. Soul Searcher, I somehow thought I had replied to your comment earlier. Yes, Safina just could not figure out what to do with that opportunity.

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