Bye Bye Bangalore- Some More Images from the Vegetable Mart and Market

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I would be leaving for Gurgaon today later in the evening. It was quite a pleasant stay at Bangalore and a fabulous trip to Surathkal Beach.

I am so glad I managed to meet Lakshmi and Nilesh. I have many more friends from college days in Bangalore and next time I will surely try to catch up with them too.

Red dried Chillies at the Corner Shop

Bottle Gourds, All Stacked at ‘Smart’ Departmental Store

Musk Mellon and Mellon at the Departmental Store

Chillies and Parwal at the Departmental Store

I am quite amazed at the pictures I have clicked at Bangalore. I see the same things at Gurgaon too but I am so caught up in my day to day life that they just do not seem to attract any attention!

I think I would be heading out in January itself again! Now that is another pleasant thought.

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5 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bangalore- Some More Images from the Vegetable Mart and Market

  1. Mridula

    Lakshmi, I hope so, I really hope so 😀 :DThanks Shantanu, a foodie like you I am sure can appreciate vegetables at least in the market!Ramesh my only acquaintance with Dubai is the airport where I was a transit passenger once for 23 hours 40 minutes :DVamsee I entirely agree with the weed and the wild flower thing.

  2. Vamsee

    Love the picture of chillies. You know what they say – a weed becomes a wild flower when you are on vacation. I do think I pay a lot more attention to little things when I am on vacation.

  3. Shantanu

    Awesome pictures! I thought I was the only one who finds the Indian vegetable bazaars an art-form. I still love my periodic trips to the vegetable markets filled with artfully stacked vegetables of all hues and colors.


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