Those Long Walks!

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Stranded Ship Boat on Thames Walk, Oxford

I am quite fond of walking and it has landed me in all kind of interesting situations.

Another View on Thames Walk, Oxford
Took my niece to a park which was sufficiently big, and I felt like running after a long time! Did not do it, as I had just stuffed two Paranthans and my niece was of course on the swing trying all kind of stunts. Otherwise, since I left athletics never felt like running again. However, ask me to walk and I am always game for it.
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6 thoughts on “Those Long Walks!

  1. Mridula

    Bindu, thanks.Lakshmi, even I have come to the stage where I would not get up in the morning to walk! And I agree many places are so crowded or polluted that it takes all the fun out of walking.

  2. Lakshmi

    I enjoy walking long as the weather is pleasant and there is no pollution…i sometimes get quite lost walking..but ask me to go on a morning walk and I prefer to sleep :)liked the second pic

  3. Mridula

    Mohan, I blog without any rhyme or reason, just to keep myself happy but in the process I have got quite a few interesting things happen to me and quite a few conversations going.Anon, thanks I will edit is as a ‘boat’ I liked the picture so much that maybe I didn’t even realize what I was calling a ship! Yes it is quite a small boat actually 😀

  4. Mohan

    I am a bit confused by looking at the articles pattern on your blog!My observation is that you post an article on Indian travel alternating with next one from outside India..May be that i am studying too much of algorithms and especially the ones on pattern matching!Btw., your post makes me recall a poem by William Wordsworth referring to Thames river :)


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