Back from Jaipur- Drowned in Work

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Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur, Rajasthan

I am back from Jaipur with a lot of pictures, a few videos (on Nokia N96) and thoroughly refreshed. But before I start blogging to my heart’s content, there are copies to grade! The idea of contacting Raju from Delhi itself was great and Brat 2 and I had a great time. So lot of stories to share in the days ahead. And I found that Ajmer Shatabdi makes a halt at Alwar too, how does that sounds for the next weekend trip?
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9 thoughts on “Back from Jaipur- Drowned in Work

  1. Doli

    A wonderful blog :) I came across your blog one day while trying to pass some time in office. I found it most informative. I am an Indian working in the US and have never travelled in India. Been to some places like Mumbai, Bangalore, Trivandrum. Never been to North India… but seen quite a few places in US. Inspired by your blog, I plan to travel when I come to India for a vacation.

  2. Mridula

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures of Moscow Piryank!India Travel thanks, you too have posted a lovely picture of Udaipur.Lakshmi when I searched the net for Alwar, it sounds good to me too!


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