Pre-show Chat with Adnan Nawaz, The Host of My Games Show at he BBC

Screen Shot of the My Games Program on Olympics at the BBC, Adnan Nawaz with Us

I have to admit I do not enjoy a post till I can associate a picture with it! So for this one, I decided to go for a screen shot of the My Games Olympics show on the BBC on which I too appeared.

I, of course, almost did not make it. When I was desparately trying to make the technology work before the show, in the middle of all the trouble my mobile started ringing and the number was as unfamiliar as it could be, it had to be an ISD call. So when I pick it up, I heard a voice at the other end say, “So, is it Mridula I am talking to? Hi, I am Adnan from Beijing, from the My Games Show.”*

So after a bit of chat, Adan said, “You know we share a cultural heritage, I am from Pakistan.” I readily agreed with him. I immediately knew then that he would understand about the power cut that had already lasted for two hours and that could lead to our inverter batteries getting discharged thus rendeering my internet modem and connection defunct! He, of course, understood.

But what I liked most about this chat was when he mentioned that he wanted to be a professional sports person and his parents wanted him to be a lawyer or a doctor! But then in my opinion he did the next best thing, if you can’t be a professional sports person, you should become a sports journalist!

*All the quotes attributed to Adnan are from memory and should be treated as paraphrases at the best, but I have tried to remain true to the conversation.

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