Lunch Time at Bylakuppe Monastery!

I clicked this picture at Bylakuppe Monastery on my way back from Coorg. The meal seem to consist of rice and Dal.

And sometimes (and only sometimes) when I pay Rs. 1000 for two large Pizza I wonder why should it cost so much! I do like eating out (or in this case home delivery) but Rs. 1000 for two Pizzas take all the fun out. In fact the local Momo shop guy is that way much more attractive!

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5 thoughts on “Lunch Time at Bylakuppe Monastery!”

  1. Casseroles and melamine crockery…Monasteries are what they once used to be, it appears…:D

  2. Oops…Monastries are NOT what they once used to be, it appears…I meant to say, of course.:D

  3. 2 large pizza costs Rs 1000? Where? which brand? I thoght they come for less than Rs. 500…in our elementary school (boarding), the govt had a budget of some Rs 17 per child per day…can’t imagine we were getting decent food at that budget-now we don;t even get breakfast for that amount…

  4. Shrinidhi those were family Pizza and my husband paid for it so he may have rounded off the figure, that was Pizza Hut. And thanks for giving the government school figure.

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