View of Oxford City from St. Mary’s Chruch- A Video

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View of Oxford City from St. Mary’s Chruch- A Video

Last time when I was in Oxford, I could not go up the St. Mary’s Church. So, this time it was high on my agenda. The church is located right in the city center and the charge this summer for going up was 3 pounds. The timings were 9.00 to 5.00.

As I was traveling to Leeds later in the day, I had a small bag with me. The young lady at the ticket counter kindly offered to keep it for me till I came back. I asked, “But you might be gone when I come back?” She said she would be going by 11.00 and I had plenty of time. It was 10.35 at that time and I told her, “I plan to spend more time up there.” She smile, “No worries, my colleague would be here and they would give the bag to you.”

So I went up to the top to get those picture postcard snaps that I had seen all around in Oxford shops. No such luck, there was too much light and my wide angle lens was not good enough to capture Radcliffe Camera and All Souls College in one shot. I met another person with an SLR and asked him if he could get both properly in one shot, he also replied in negative. At least I was not alone.

Picture postcards or not, I still had a very good time at the top with wonderful views of the city. And of course I came down around 12.00 in the noon, but the other young lady at the counter gave me my bag and I proceeded to spend more time around Christ Church College and beyond to head later to Leeds.

Note to Self: Next time when you have the urge to tilt the camera remember the vertigo you got by watching this video!

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2 thoughts on “View of Oxford City from St. Mary’s Chruch- A Video

  1. Sidhusaaheb

    Er…What about taking a series of shots, sequentially, and then combining them into a single photograph later on? I suppose your camera would have that feature.:)


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