Purple Rhododendrons

Purple Rhododendrons

I saw these Rhododendrons in Leeds and I had to stand back and take notice. There were two reasons for this. One, I love Himalayan flowers and these Rhododendrons reminded me of the treks I have done. Two, I had never seen a purple one before! I have seen red Rhododendrons, even white and their variations but never purple.

When I shared the pictures with my colleagues, one of them came running to me and told me, “How did you manage to make the Rhododendrons purple? Aren’t they red? I have never seen a purple one.” Now that is something because he belongs to Uttrakhand and has lived for considerable time in the hills.

But then in Leeds these purple Rhododendrons were growing with glee!

Oh! and VJ shared his pictures of Oxford with me and take my words for it, they are brilliant.

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